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Waller Rodwell Wright

Preceptory Banner


Donated by the Founders

Designed by: E.Kt. David J. Broxup

The inspiration for the design of the Waller Rodwell Wright Preceptory Banner is taken from both the past and the present. The banners more familiar features consist of the Templar and Malta crosses positioned respectively in the top left and top right.

The lower right hand corner has a reference to the many battles fought over the Island of Malta and contains an image of the harbour at Valletta. In the foreground a depiction of a galley of the Order's fleet, flying the battle flag of the Knights of Malta (white cross on a red background).

The most famous of all battles fought and won by the Knights took place in the mid 16th century.

In 1565 the Ottoman Empire was at its peak, under their Sultan, Soleyman the Magnificent, the Turks had conquered most of Eastern Europe and the Rulers of Christian Europe were at their wit's end trying to stem the approaching tide of disaster.

The Knights of St. John, the fighting religious Order drawn from most of the nations of Christendom, had been driven from their island fortress of Rhodes forty years earlier and from their new base at Malta had so successfully raided Turkish shipping that the Sultan realised that only they stood between him, mastery of the Mediterranean and thence the civilised world.

He decided to obliterate the Knights of Malta and, anticipating a two-week siege at the most, dispatched a force of 40.000 men. Four months later, when the defending force was reduced from 9000 to 600 (all of whom were wounded) the Sultan’s Army was driven from the island after an epic siege.  The defence of Malta by the Knights and the local people must stand as one of the most heroic actions in military history and overshadows the third siege in World War Two for which the Island was a warded the George

In the lower left hand side you will find an ecclesiastical lozenge in which is a red cross with a picture of a gold Ducat or Crusader coin used by the Venetians in the Levant Superimposed. Imitating Andrea Dandolo, it pictures the Doge kneeling before St. Mark, both supporting the pendant.


The reverse of the coin (not shown on the banner, but seen above) depicts Christ in glory, holding the Gospels: nine stars in mandoria, six rays in nimbus. The lozenge contains the inscription "Be Just and Fear not" in both Latin and English.

The overall shield design rests upon the red Templar cross of the order. The two scrolls below bear the name of the Preceptory along with its number. Finishing off the banner are the words "Valletta Malta" and the consecration date of the 16th May 2003.