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Waller Rodwell Wright



This Preceptory is a tribute to the spirit of WALLER RODWELL WRIGHT, an important Masonic personality who was the Provincial Grand Master of Malta, Gozo and the Mediterranean from 1815 until his death in 1826.

Born in Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk in 1775, he was educated at Cambridge where he read civil law. He subsequently entered Lincoln's Inn and was called to the Bar in 1800. In 1804 WALLER RODWELL WRIGHT took a constructive interest in the reorganising of the degree of the Red Cross of Constantine, following on from the earlier work started by Charles Shirreff in around 1780. He was the 4th Grand Master of the Order from 1807 to 1812 and followed the HRH Prince Edward (later the Duke of Kent) and was succeeded by HRH the Duke of Sussex

WALLER RODWELL WRIGHT also played an important part in the greatest Masonic transaction of all time, for his name appears as one of the five signatories (immediately following that of  the Duke of Sussex) in the Articles of the Union of the two Grand Lodges - the Moderns and the Antients, to form the United Grand Lodge of England. the signing took place at Kensington Palace on the 1st December 1813.


In 1814 he was appointed President of HM Court of Appeal and a Senior Member of the Supreme Council of Jurisdiction in Malta.

A Certificate issued by the Knights Templar in 1815 refers to WALLER RODWELL WRIGHT as the Order's Provincial Grand Master and is displayed in the Museum of the Masonic Hall in Valletta, along with other Masonic artifacts relating to Malta. His presence can be felt in the baronial dining room of the English Masonic Hall in Valletta, where his life-sized portrait (attributed to Allingham)looks down on the diners. The painting was commissioned to mark the foundation of the Lodge of St. John and St. Paul in 1818, and WALLER RODWELL WRIGHT is seen wearing the collar of the Provincial Grand Master and the distinctive jewel of the Prince of Wales Lodge. He is depicted holding a folio copy of the Book of Constitutions.


The naming of this preceptory by Kt. David J. Broxup ensures that WALLER RODWELL WRIGHT's pivotal influence on the development of Masonry in Malta and the Mediterranean is now captured for posterity, and future generations of Knights Templar can now enjoy visiting the preceptory, along with the other established Orders on the lovely island of Malta.