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A Message from the Preceptory Almoner

for Waller Rodwell Wright No 640 and La Valette No 649

Dear Brother Knights

The privilege of being the Almoner to both Waller Rodwell Wright No 640 and La Valette No 649 on the island is that it carries with it the opportunity to get to know all the Bro.Kts. and their families on a more personal basis than is usually the case between colleagues.

This should apply wherever our “home base“ is, but we find that the Office usually “fails at the gate“ as it were, and in consequence such an opportunity is lost. Perhaps even more-so with an “ Overseas Preceptory “ where members come from all corners of the UK and the ex-patriots and Nationals are included too.

Those who know me know that there is no gate to friendship on a personal basis, all are equal and I truly hope that my flock realise that their families are just as important as they are. Happiness and good health at home are vital if we are to attend to our overseas duties.

The difficulty is that so many are in places which ( in some cases ) I’ve never heard of and range from Aberdeen to Southampton / etc.

In this context can I request that all members – of both Preceptories – keep me informed. I don’t misplace any trust involved but it is sometimes hard for the individual Knight to appreciate that help in some form is available and from any sources I can tap into.
So, please keep me informed.

Yours in the Bonds of the Order

V.E.Kt.John C.Pullan PGtReg. PP1st Con. West Yorkshire (Almoner)

Email –
Tel – 01943 875684

This Editorial was released to all the Masonic bodies world-wide in November 2003

The Waller Rodwell Wright Preceptory and Priory was consecrated by the Supreme Grand Master Leslie Felgate Dring G.C.T. He was assisted by the installing officer R. E. Kt. A. J. Day, Provincial Prior for London and the rest of the consecrating officers who carrried out the ceremony with dignity on 16th May 2003 at Mark Masons Hall, 86 St James's Street, London.

At the invitation of the Supreme Grand Master the Founding Eminent Preceptor was invited to take the chair in the presence of 36 founding Knights and 72 officers and guests, assembled from far and wide.

The Waller Rodwell Wright Preceptory was consecrated and the subsequent banner dedication ceremony was performed in grand style by R. E. Kt. Norman G. Bliss, Provincial Prior for Oxon, Berks, Bucks. The ceremony was attended by 108 Knights and invited guests who afterwards gathered to be wined and dined in true Knights Templar fashion.

Style and sincerity characterised the inaugural meeting on Saturday 4th October 2003 in the Masonic Hall in Valletta, attended by the grand total of 30 founding knights. Two knights were installed at the meeting, and a further two knights the following Tuesday. Several more candidates have already been proposed and seconded ready to be installed at the meeting in 2004 along with several joining Knights.

The 'Ladies of the Knights' - wives and partners accompanying a number of the knights - also enjoyed coach excursions organised to explore Malta's historic past and visited her sister island, Gozo. In the evening exotic dinners and a relaxing atmosphere extended into the early hours.

All brother knights will always have a warm welcome to the Preceptory as visitors or joining members, and will, I am sure, enjoy visiting the island of Malta in the heart of the Mediterranean.

The Preceptory is based in Malta and will meet on the first Saturday in May and the first Saturday in October at the Masonic Halt, 6-7 Marsamxett Street, Valletta, Malta G.C.

Compiled by: Kt. David J. Broxup